What people are saying about ‘Twyford Rising’.

‘Inspiring account of pioneering protest which lit the torch of the anti-roads movement’, Morning Star

Read the full Morning Star review here – BOOKS Twyford Rising: Land and Resistance | Morning Star (morningstaronline.co.uk)

Here are a few of the comments from readers – all anonymous but true!

‘Just received the book…and finished the book…and that was such a journey. I didn’t sleep much last night playing a heap of it back through in my head again. 
Beautifully put together, and the love for the land and the amazing group that came together just comes shining out of every page. Thank you so much for creating the book – it keeps it real, and a part of my history (and our collective history) that I can now, so much more easily, share with others…I learnt a heap from the stories too’

‘Congrats on your book – much learning and insight for me. I really like the historical and political context you describe (most of which I did not know), and the many quotations, which give a great sense of the reality of the people involved and of what it was like being there. The photos are just superb too.’

‘Helen, your book arrived as a perfect Christmas present on Christmas Eve. I’ve already read it! It will be a classic, capturing perfectly both the spirit and the importance of Twyford Down’


‘Looks bloody lovely’

‘Looks amazing….great work’

‘Book arrived – only just put it down realised I had not had breakfast…kind of makes you feel joyful and sad at the same time’.

‘Beautifully written’.

‘An amazing achievement, bringing together lovely quotes, history and inspiration’

‘Full of hope’

Thank you all … keep the nice words coming!

For information on ordering copies of Twyford Rising, please head over to the contact and ordering page.

Cover image J Cooke. Design J Volynchook & K Wall, Wiz Graphics

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