Contact and Ordering

If you wish to order a copy of Twyford Rising, I want to encourage you to order through your local independent bookshop if possible. Please contact them to see if they have a copy and if not, pass this website on to them so that they can order copies.

This will help support bookshops and help me, as hopefully they will order a few extra copies to sell too!

Information for bookshops

Until February 28th, I am offering the following package to bookshops – 3 copies of Twyford Rising, plus a poster and set of 5 postcards for £20, UK postage included.

RRP £12.99

I am also happy to do on-line readings whilst Covid restrictions mean that live events are difficult. If booked before February 28th, these events are free of charge (no matter when they are actually held)


If you are unable to order through a local independent bookshop, please contact me directly.  The book costs £12.99, plus postage

Payment by PayPal is available and a link will be on this website soon.