Twyford Rising is now a book that tells the story of the direct action protests at Twyford Down in Hampshire.

Starting in 1992, direct action to stop the building of the M3 motorway extension through Twyford Down would inspire ecological activism across Britain and the world.

Twyford Rising is has been written using memories, stories, photos and archive material from the time.  These are stories from a generation of dissent, whose voices are still heard in the environmental protests of today. These are the stories of why people came, of arrest and imprisonment, of music, of laughter and tears and of a deep connection with the land; they are the stories of how the protest changed lives and shook the very core of conventional politics and campaigning.

In order to design, print and distribute Twyford Rising, the author, Helen Beynon, needs to raise £4500.

Budget: £2000 printing; £1000 design and layout; £500 photo scanning and editing costs; £1000 distribution & other costs.