Twyford Rising blog launched

The Twyford Rising blog has been set up to promote a forthcoming book telling the story of the first of the British anti-roads protests, which began at Twyford Down in Hampshire in 1992.

Over the coming months, the blog will post previews of some of the images and stories collected for the Twyford Rising book and provide updates on publication.

After several years of collecting and editing material, Twyford Rising is now close to publication.  The stories and images gathered together tell the history of the protests in the words of those who were there, weaving a rich tale of magic, music and politics.  The quotes reveal a deep love for the land, along with the trauma and grief of its destruction and the inspiring resilience of those who carried on the struggle against the loss of Twyford Down, despite the impact on their lives and their freedom.

Information and contacts for donations for funding the publication of the Twyford Rising book will also be posted.

Please share this blog with anyone who might have a tale to tell, or who wants to learn more about the beginnings of environmental direct action in the UK.



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