Twyford Rising – land and resistance, voices from the first road protest

Twyford Rising is a book that needed to be written and with the help of over 200 supporters, I managed to raise over £5700 to make sure it can now be printed and distributed.

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Twyford Rising tells the true and previously untold story of the protests to stop the construction of a motorway through Twyford Down, a beautiful hill in Hampshire, England. This was the first time environmental direct action on this scale had been taken in the UK and it inspired similar campaigns across the world.

My book tells the story of those protests in the words of those who were there, weaving together memories of local residents, new age travellers and young environmental activists. Only those who took part can really tell this story of unlikely alliances, adventure and heartbreak. Interviews are linked by my narrative, which is rich in descriptions of a wild and ancient landscape, evoking a place that was loved by the people who walked there and those who camped on the route of the road. Twyford Rising is illustrated with photographs and leaflets from the time, recording both actions and the lost land itself.

Twyford Down is  acknowledged as the birthplace of the modern environmental movement and my book contains ideas and inspiration for contemporary campaigners. It is also vital for understanding todays’ environmental protests, including those against HS2, fracking and climate change. Alongside activism, Twyford Rising also explores the quest for low impact lifestyles and spiritual connections with the Earth.

With help from all the donors, I can now turn my manuscript into a book that others can enjoy. The money raised will pay for the design, printing and distribution of Twyford Rising and ensure it can be circulated through universities, bookshops and festivals.

The Twyford Rising crowd fund is now closed, but if you are kicking yourself for not donating, please get in touch via email or comments.

I will post updates on printing and how to order further copies here and on social media soon….once again, thank you to all who have helped,